Emily Shopp is a Chicago-based print artist working with copper etching, woodcut relief printing, and collage. Having engaged with nature to cope with her own anxiety, her work explores the human psychological relationship to the natural environment. Beginning with the collection and study of found organic objects, she translates them into abstracted, ambiguous forms. Through variation, repetition, transparency, and intricate linework, she constructs an intimate, meditative space.

"I work in a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, and collage. I am interested in the mass circulation of both printed and digital imagery. My work opens a discourse on vulnerability, perceived confidence, and the objectification of women. I strive to humanize celebrities and create empathy through the exploitation of their candid faltering. My practice is an invitation to consider the absurdity of pageantry, a celebration of societal idolatry, and a beacon for popular culture fanatics".
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